• Photographer Her love for music and animals can been experienced in favorite photos on this website. She has also photographed for publications, engagements, weddings, and behind the scenes of film productions.
  • Actress & Producer While acting is her main focus for film work, she also enjoys the other side of the camera. Film credits are available at this link.
  • Singer & SongwriterShe performed solo and in bands for years, and now enjoys writing and recording simple songs for inclusion in film soundtracks.

Libby Girl Series

See 5 award-winning short films for FREE on this website!

- Bored Games
- Something New
- Surprise
- Online
- Curiosity Driven

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What's New

22novNight of Something Strange released on iTunes! Rent it for just $4.99! (Not for kids!) Blu-ray will be available in 2017. In October, the feature screened at Nightmares Film Festival in OH and won BEST MIDNIGHT MOVIE! Janet is "Betty" in this horror.
20octTwitchy Dolphin Flix's Quad X screened at Nightmares Film Festival in OH and won BEST SCREENPLAY! Janet is psychiatrist "Dr. Long" in this mockumentary horror film.
6augSkibofilms Productions' feature film Day 1 screened at the Prairie State Film Fest and won Best Writer for director Jose Carlos Gomez. Janet is "Mary" in this post-apocalyptic story about memories, doubts, love, and loss.

Thank You

Thank you to friends across the U.S., students, parents, teachers, and professors that have shared the joy and screened the Libby Girl Series of short films at their schools.
The award-winning Libby Girl Series short films are "family-friendly" and have been shared with students in gradeschools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges.